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Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Christian Charles Philip Bale (Haverfordwest, Wales; January 30, 1974), better known as Christian Bale, is an English actor, 1 winner of two Golden Globes, a SAG Award and an Oscar.

Among his most acclaimed filmography are: American Psycho (2000); The Machinist (2004); director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy dedicated to the superhero Batmanː Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012); The Fighter (2010); American Hustle (2013); and The big bet (2015).

Other prominent Bale posters include: Empire of the Sun (1987), Equilibrium (2002), The Prestige (2006), 3:10 to Yuma (2007), Public Enemies (2009), Terminator Salvation (2009).

Early Life:

He was born in the small town of Haverfordwest, the county seat of Pembrokeshire, in Wales. Her father David Bale (1941-2003) was a South African activist and her mother, British Jenny James, worked in the circus as a dancer. Bale had three older sisters.

Personal Life:

Before being an actor, he appeared in several commercials when he was invited to play a character when he saw how well he fit in. This is where he began his career as an author. On January 29, 2000, Christian Bale married the model Sandra “Sibi” Blažić .

On March 27, 2005, their first daughter, Emmeline Bale, was born in Santa Monica, California. In March 2014, the couple confirmed that they were expecting their second child. In August 2014, the actor confirmed the birth of a baby boy named Joseph.

Like his father, Bale actively supports animal and environmental advocacy groups such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund and is a member of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Board of Directors.

He considers himself, and thus he has declared him very shy and reserved, but he does not feel like hiding. His hobby is motorcycles, but an accident suffered in 2012 seems to have distanced him from such a hobby since he left his left arm practically unusable for a good season and, as a consequence, he now carries a steel wrist, a titanium clavicle and 25 screws.

He is well known for his bad mood and explosive nature that make him difficult to work with. During the recording of Terminator Salvation, a 5-minute recording circulated in which Bale lost his temper and yelled at the director of photography for “getting into his field of vision” at a very high volume. His sister and mother denounced him for assault in London while they were there for the premiere of The Dark Knight. He was detained for a few hours.

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birth: January 30, 1974
  • Nationality: British
  • Famous: Christian Bale Child Prodigies
  • Age: 46 Years, 46 Year Old Males
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius
  • Also Known As: Christian Charles Philip Bale
  • Born In: Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
  • Height: 6’0″ (183 cm), 6’0″ Males
  • Father: David Charles Howard Bale
  • Mother: Jenny (Née James)
  • Children: Emmeline Bale
  • Diseases & Disabilities: Depressiona

Professional Life:

He began in the theater as a child and following his mother’s artistic streak, one of his best-known plays “The Nerd”, from 1984, he did it together with Rowan Atkinson, who a few years later would also become famous thanks to Mr. Bean , and at the age of 8,5 years, in 1983, he appeared briefly in an advertisement for “Pac Man” cereals.

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At the age of 13, she made her film debut with Steven Spielberg in the film Empire of the Sun (1987), passing a casting of more than 4,000 children, it would soon be seen how successful the choice was when the performance of Bale as the James boy is praised by critics.

He worked on the movie Henry V (1989) and the following year on Treasure Island. He works in the Disney Newsies musical (1992), and participates in the Thomas Carter film, Swing Kids (1993), becoming one of the so-called “swing boys” or “swing youth”.

At the age of 20, he appeared in Little Women (1994) and a few years later in The Portrait of a Lady (1996).

In 2000, he made the films Shaft: The Return and American Psycho. In this second film, Bale sports a physical care that seems to elevate him to the category of sex symbol; however, he is a very versatile actor. Four years later, his role in The Machinist (2004), a Spanish production, tested him physically and mentally when facing one of the most difficult roles of his career so far.

He must have lost weight to the point of starvation; a transformation reminiscent of that of Robert De Niro in Wild Bull, but losing weight instead of gaining weight. He overcame the challenge with great satisfaction to both critics and audiences a like.

In 2006 he participated in the film The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine, directed by Christopher Nolan, playing Alfred Borden, a rough and purist magician. In 2007 he participates in Rescue Dawn, I’m Not There and 3:10 to Yuma

Later in 2009, he was involved in the Terminator Salvation tapes, a sequel to the saga where he played John Connor and Public Enemies, as Melvin Purvis, the FBI Agent, who J. Edgar Hoover commissioned the hunt for the famous assailant John Dillinger, played by Johnny Depp.

In 2010, his career peaked when he won the Oscar, Golden Globe, and Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dicky Eklund in the movie The Fighter (2010), a performance that was fully acclaimed both by the public and by specialized critics.

In 2011, he participated in the China-Hong Kong co-production film 金陵 十三 釵 (The Flowers of War) directed by Zhang Yimou in the role of John Miller, a corpse makeup artist who poses as a priest in order to protect the students of the convent and the prostitutes of a nearby brothel in the middle of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

In 2013, he was nominated for an Oscar again, but this time as Best Actor, for his role in American Hustle, playing the swindler Irving Rosenfeld, based on the novel by Melvin Weinberg.

In October 2014, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin confirmed that actor Christian Bale would portray Steve Jobs in the film based on the official biography of the Apple co-founder written by Walter Isaacson in 2011. but in November 2014, it was stated that the actor would have refused to play Steve Jobs because he believes he is not the right person to play the part.

He participates with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling in The Big Bet (2015), the film adaptation of a Michael Lewis novel about the housing bubble that caused the recent financial crisis. Terrence Malick signed him to star in Song to Song (2017) , but it did not come out in the final montage of the film, and it is the voice to the panther Bagheera in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018).

His last finished filming once again represents a weight gain to play North American Vice President Dick Cheney in the Vice film (2018).

Filmy Career:

Movie TitleYear
Mio in the Land of Faraway1987
Empire of the Sun1987
Henry V1989
Swing Kids1993
Prince of Jutland1994
Little Women1994
The Portrait of a Lady1996
The Secret Agent1996
Velvet Goldmine1998
All the Little Animals1998
A Midsummer Night’s Dream1999
American Psycho2000
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin2001
Laurel Canyon2002
Reign of Fire2002
The Machinist2004
Howl’s Moving Castle2004
Batman Begins2005
The New World2005
Harsh Times2005
Rescue Dawn2006
The Prestige2006
3:10 to Yuma2007
I’m Not There2007
The Dark Knight2008
Terminator Salvation2009
Public Enemies2009
The Fighter2010
The Flowers of War2011
The Dark Knight Rises2012
Out of the Furnace2013
American Hustle2013
Exodus: Gods and Kings2014
Knight of Cups2015
The Big Short2015
The Promise2016
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle2018
Ford v Ferrari2019

Television Shows:

TV ShowYear
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna1986
Heart of the Country1987
Treasure Island1990
A Murder of Quality1991
Mary, Mother of Jesus1999

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