Kate Moss Biography Age, Height and Movies

Kate Moss Biography Age, Height and Movies
Kate Moss Biography Age, Height and Movies

Kate Moss (London, January 16, 1974) is a British supermodel. He was on the cover of Vogue more than 30 times over his 25-year career. Kate Moss Biography Age, Height and Movies
According to Forbes magazine Kate Moss was, in 2006, the 2nd highest paid model in the world, with earnings estimated at 9 million dollars, second only to Gisele Bündchen. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, it was the third highest paid company, with gains of around 7.5, 8.5 and 9 million, respectively.

Early Life:

Born on January 16, 1974, in the Greater London area, Croydon, in the family of Linda Rosina (nee Shepherd), bartender and Peter Edward Moss, travel agent, and grew up in the middle of Addiskomb borough. She has a younger brother Nick and half-sister Sister Lottie (Charlotte). Kate’s parents divorced when she was 13 years old.

Personal Information:

  • Birth name: Catherine Ann Moss
  • Age & Date of birth: January 16, 1974 (46 years old)
  • Place of birth:  Croydon, England
  • Citizenship: UK
  • Spouse: Jamie Hins
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Chest:  86.5 cm
  • Waist: 58 cm
  • Hips: 89 cm
  • Hair color: Brown 
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Clothing Size: 34 (EU)
  • Shoe Size:  37 (EU)

Personal Life:

Unlike model life, Kate Moss’s personal life was not so good. With her roommate, a successful fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, Kate broke up after meeting with the famous American actor Johnny Depp, with whom she began a romantic relationship. A few years later, their relationship ended, and Johnny began to meet with French actress Vanessa Paradis. According to Courtney Love, in the mid-1990s she was Moss’s mistress for some time.

After breaking up with Johnny, Kate Moss had many gentlemen: Billy Zane, Anthony Langton, Jack Nicholson. She had a serious relationship with the publisher Jefferson Hack, from whom Kate in 2002 gave birth to a daughter, Lila Grace. But in the end, this alliance also broke up. In 2005, Moss met with musician Pete Doherty. At one of the evening parties, on the occasion of recording Pete’s new album, the paparazzi captured Kate Moss sniffing something resembling cocaine. Sensational incriminating photos were printed by the Daily Mirror tabloid, after which a scandal erupted. Some famous fashion houses even broke contracts with a supermodel.

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As a result of the scandal, Kate Moss went to an American clinic in Arizona, where many celebrities were treated for drug addiction. After a month of treatment, Kate returned to London. Friends and many of her colleagues from the fashion industry came out with the support of the model. Among them were Elton John and Stella McCartney, their statements in defense of Kate Moss were successful – two fashion magazines placed photos of the model on the covers, and old customers began to return.

In September 2007, Kate Moss met Jamie Hins, guitarist of the Anglo-American indie rock duo The Kills. They married on July 1, 2011 in London. They parted in the summer of 2015, but finally parted – and they did it, having agreed peacefully, without trial – only fifteen months later – in October 2016.

Professional Life:

At the age of 14, Kate noticed at the Kennedy airport in New York the director of the London Storm agency Sarah Ducas, who invited her to try herself as a model. And two years later, Kate appeared on the cover of Face magazine. For a long time she collaborated with the American brand Kelvin Klein, which made her a supermodel. Just in the early 1990s, the fashion world was swept by a wave of androgyny – the blurring of the differences between men and women in appearance (thin, thin bodies, long hair, the same clothes). It was Kelvin Klein who was one of the first to use this new trend in fashion by popularizing the unisex style.

The young, thin Kate perfectly embodied this image of “sex cohesion.” One of the most popular and best-selling perfumes of the 1990s was SK One (“One”), and Kate Moss became their “face”. Then came the trend of “heroin chic,” in association with emaciated and haggard pale young people who were addicted to drugs. Fashionable designers exploited the “narcotic” image with might and main, releasing thin and pale fashion models with circles under the eyes on the catwalks. Kate Moss was again at the peak of this fashion. The fashion world was filled with rumors that the models that were so often hanging out in clubs and at various parties did indeed consume drugs that had become fashionable in a Bohemian environment.

Moss broke the monopoly of tall “supermodels” of the late 1980s – early 1990s (Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Nadia Auerman), famous for their inaccessible and glamorous “goddesses”. With the popularity of Kate, the era of very thin teenage models has come. Since the mid-1990s, more and more young female models began to appear on the catwalks of the world, whose age did not exceed 16 or even 14 years. The success of Moss is also explained by the fact that she does not look like a “goddess”, but a normal girl who earns her living by showing clothes. The British publicist Morley describes Kate like this: “She is contrary to everything that she should be. She is small, she has a hard look, a face of irregular shape, and this is actually her advantage, because people see themselves in her. She falls out of the alienation and duplicity of the fashion world. ”[Source not specified 3128 days]

Kate Moss earned her first million at the age of 20, in 2000 she was called the highest paid model in the world (her earnings were estimated at $14.8 million), the contract with Chanel alone brought her, according to Forbes magazine estimates, 5 million dollars in 4 years.

The year 2005 was marked by the collaboration of Moss and TopShop, where she acted as the designer and model of the Kate Moss for TopShop line. Collaboration with TopShop earned her more than 5.2 million dollars. Philip Green, the owner of the brand, thanked Moss for the work, noting that it was “fantastic.” However, according to him, Topshop began to take away more and more time from the model, and she wanted to try herself in other projects. According to the Daily Telegraph, the breakup at the end of 2010 was “friendly”. At the same time, Green did not rule out the possibility of working with Moss in the future. In total, Kate released fourteen collections in collaboration with the brand, which were very popular among buyers, despite the higher price range of the line compared to regular collections.

Since 1990, Kate Moss has appeared in commercials, and in 1992, Calvin Klein offered her a contract for $4 million. By the mid-1990s, the income of the star of the fashion world had grown to 10 thousand dollars a day, they began to write books about her, offered to star in a movie.

Filmy Career:

Movie TitleYear
Blackadder: Back & Forth 1999
The Boy in the Dress 2014
Ab Fab: The Movie 2016
Zoolander 2 2016
Red Nose Day Actually 2017