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Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (English: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, November 11, 1974 -) is a famous American actor, film producer and promoter of the concept of environmental protection.

DiCaprio started advertising in the 1990s and began his career. Subsequently, he starred in TV series such as “Santa Barbara” and “Happy Family”. In 1991, DiCaprio starred in his movie debut “Magic 3”.

In 1993, he starred in “The Life of This Boy” and “Different Sky” and received good reviews. After starring in “Marginal Diary” (1995) and “Romeo and Juliet” (1996), DiCaprio starred in the epic romantic film “Titany” (1997) directed by James Cameron year).

The film received rave reviews, making DiCaprio widely known and became the highest box office movie in history at that time, until the same time as “Avatar” (2009) directed by Cameron broke the record.

Since 2000, DiCaprio has starred in many different types of movies, such as the biopic “Clashes of Gods and Ghosts” (2002), the epic movie “The New York Gangs” (2002), and the crime thriller “Blood Diamond” (2006) Years), the new film noir thriller “God and Ghost” (2006),

spy film “Lie Duel” (2008), love film “True Love” (2008), psychological thriller “Isolated Island” (2010) ), the science fiction film “Full Start” (2010), the biographical film “Jiang Edger” (2011), the western film “Decision to Kill” (2012), and the romantic film “The Tycoon Biography” (2013), etc. Wait.

DiCaprio played Howard Hughes in “Flyer” (2004) and Hugh Glass in “Wild Hunter” (2015) and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama The actor of the film, and his interpretation of Jordan Belfort in “Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) was affirmed by the actor of the Golden Globe Award for Best Music and Comedy.

In 2015, DiCaprio won the Oscar Award for Best Actor for his performance in “Ghost Hunter”. DiCaprio founded his exclusive production company, Appi-Dao Road Pictures, in 2004.

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
  • Date of Birth Birthday: November 11, 1974
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Leonardo DiCaprio Actors
  • Age: 45 Years, 45 Year Old Males
  • Sun Sign: Scorpio
  • Also Known As: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
  • Born In: Hollywood, California, U.S.
  • Famous As: Actor, Film Producer
  • Height: 6’0″ (183 cm), 6’0″ Males
  • Father: George DiCaprio
  • Mother: Irmelin
  • Personality: ESFP
  • U.S. State: California
  • Ideology: Environmentalists

Early Life:

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA. His father, George DiCaprio, was an author and distributor of underground comics, and his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken, was a Legal secretary. DiCaprio is the only child in the family.

His father is of Italian (from Naples) and German (from Bavaria) ancestry. DiCaprio’s grandfather Wilhelm Indenbirken was German, while his grandmother Helene Indenbirken (1915-2008) Is a German citizen born in Russia. During an interview, DiCaprio described himself as “half a Russian” and stated that his grandparents were Russian.

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DiCaprio’s parents met in college, and soon moved to Los Angeles. According to Omerlin, DiCaprio’s name stems from her once experience of admiring Leonardo Da Vinci’s work. DiCaprio, who was not born at that time, kicked her belly for the first time, so she decided to name her child with Da Vinci’s name “Leonardo”.

DiCaprio’s parents separated when he was 1 year old. He mainly lives with his mother. DiCaprio and his mother have lived in several Los Angeles neighborhoods, such as Echo Park and Lus Feliz (the two’s residence in Lus Feliz is now a public library) and so on.

His mother held several positions. After studying at a research center in Los Angeles for four years, DiCaprio went to the Budding Elementary School (now the UCLA Experimental Elementary School) and John Marshall Middle School a few blocks away from the residence.

However, DiCaprio was dropped out in the third year of high school and finally got a General Education Development Certificate (GED). Part of his childhood was spent in Germany with his grandparents. DiCaprio is fluent in German and Italian.

Professional Life:

DiCaprio’s film virginity as “Essence 3” directed by Christine Peterson, he plays Josh, the step-son of an evil landlord. DiCaprio described the horn as “your ordinary, superficial, standard blond kid”.

The film was released as a video premiere in 1991. Soon after, DiCaprio was chosen as a permanent actor in the ABC situation comedy “Happy Family”, playing a homeless boy Luke Brower, adopted by the Seaver family Be part of the family. DiCaprio’s performance in “Happy Family” was widely praised. In 1992, DiCaprio appeared in Guy in the movie “The Nightmare” directed by Kai Texia.

In the same year, Robert De Niro selected DiCaprio from 400 young actors as the protagonist of “The Life of This Boy” as a teenager abused by his stepfather, Tobias “Toby” Wall Husband. DiCaprio’s performance in the film has been well received, and Juliette Michaud of Studio magazine said, “Fortunately Leonardo DiCaprio has given the film a kind of injury. The elegance of this kind is exactly what is necessary for this kind of subject matter”.

At the end of 1993, DiCaprio and Johnny Depp co-starred in “Different Sky” directed by Lacy Hoszhuang to interpret the mentally retarded brother Arnie of Depp’s character.

Huo Zhuang admitted that he wanted to find an actor who was not so handsome, but IndiCaprio was the “most observant actor” among the people who participated in the audition, and he was finally selected.

The producers did not support Horstrom’s decision, arguing that DiCaprio’s charm prevented him from playing the role of intellectual disability, but Horstrom still insisted quite. The film has received great reviews, and DiCaprio’s acting skills have been touted by film critics. “New York Times” film critic Janet Maslin wrote in the comments,

“The really outstanding turning point in the film comes from DiCapri Mr. Ou, he performed Yanni’s Tics syndrome in a shocking and vivid manner, and he was not optimistic at first. His performances had a sharp, desperate tension from beginning to end”.

DiCaprio won the Best Supporting Actor Award from the National Critics Association Award and the Most Promising Actor of the Year Award from the Chicago Film Critics Association for “Different Sky”, and was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Film.

Subsequently, DiCaprio starred in a short 20-minute “The Foot Shooting Party” (1994) directed by Renee Haring. He played the role of a rock singer in the film. In 1995, he starred in the western film “Fatal Thrill” directed by Sam Remy, playing the young man Kidd who sought his father’s importance. The movie’s box office performance was unsatisfactory.

The box office in the United States was only 18.5 million US dollars. The critics’ evaluation of the film was also mixed, but DiCaprio’s performance was praised by the critics. Film critic Gerard Delorme said, “The content of the plot is enriched by multiple supporting roles. Leonardo DiCaprio is a remarkable young talent who can get it at all costs. Approval”.

DiCaprio’s next movie is “Total Erosion” (1995) directed by Agneska Holland . The film describes the homosexual love affair between the poet Atil Rambo and Paul Verlaine.

DiCaprio plays Rambo in the film. The actor in the corner was originally Raven Fenix, but Fenix ​​passed away during the pre-production period. DiCaprio described the horn as his “most important role in his career” . Then, Warner Bros. suggested that DiCaprio play Robin in “Batman 3” (1995), but he resigned from.

In August 1995, DiCaprio appeared. Jerry Chucks directed the movie “Bad Sisters” and played with Diane Keaton and Meli Strick. His role in the film is a rebellious young Hank. Emanuel Levy of Variety Magazine praised DiCaprio’s acting skills. In addition, DiCaprio also appeared in the movie “101 Nights” (1995).

The last movie that DiCaprio starred in 1995 was “The Diary of the Edge”, playing the host Jim Caro. Film critic Peter Travis of Rolling Stone magazine praised DiCaprio’s performance in the film review.

Filmy Career :

Movie TitleYear
Critters 31991
Poison Ivy1992
This Boy’s Life1993
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape1993
The Basketball Diaries1995
The Quick and the Dead1995
Total Eclipse1995
Romeo + Juliet1996
Marvin’s Room1996
The Man in the Iron Mask1998
The Beach2000
Catch Me If You Can2002
Gangs of New York2002
The Aviator2004
The Departed2006
Blood Diamond2006
The 11th Hour2007
Body of Lies2008
Revolutionary Road2008
Shutter Island2010
J. Edgar2011
Django Unchained2012
The Great Gatsby2013
The Wolf of Wall Street2013
The Audition2015
The Revenant2015
Before the Flood2016
Ice on Fire2019
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood2019

Leonardo Dicaprio as Producer:

Movie TitleYear
The Aviator2004
The Assassination of Richard Nixon2004
The 11th Hour2007
Gardener of Eden2007
Red Riding Hood2011
The Ides of March2011
Runner Runner2013
Out of the Furnace2013
The Wolf of Wall Street2013
Catching the Sun2015
The Ivory Game2016
Before the Flood2016
Live by Night2016
Robin Hood2018
Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski2018
Richard Jewell2019

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