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Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (Bay City, Michigan; August 16, 1958), knows simply as Madonna, is a singer, composer, actress, businesswoman and American cone.

Madonna spent her childhood in Bay City and in 1978 she moved to New York City to pursue a career in contemporary dance. After participating in two musical groups, Breakfast Club and Emmy, in 1982 she signed with Sire Records (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.) and released her debut album Madonna the following year.

He went on to release a series of albums where he found immense popularity, pushed the content limits of his song lyrics, and exploited the images in his music videos, which throughout his career have become pieces of art.

Many of his songs have reached number one on the music charts of various countries around the world; her biggest hits include songs like “Like a Virgin”, “Material Girl”, “Papa Don’t Preach”, “La isla bonita”, “Like a Prayer”, “Express Yourself”, “Vogue”, “Frozen”, “Music”, “Hung Up” and “4 Minutes”. Madonna has been praised by critics for her musical productions and staging, giving her the title of the “Queen of Pop.”

His career was bolstered by his roles in various films for which he received mixed reviews. Her most praised leading role is Eva Perón for Evita (1996), for which she even won a Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or musical; however,

she has received negative reviews for other roles. Madonna’s other occupations include being a fashion designer, book writer, film director, and record producer, as well as owning the Maverick record label. She is also an acclaimed businesswoman, and in 2007 she signed a $ 120 million contract with Live Nation.

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
  • Nick Names: M, Mo, Madge, The Material Girl, The Queen Of Pop, Maddy, Nonnie, Esther, Queen Of Reinvention
  • Date of Birth: August 16, 1958
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Madonna Carefree
  • Age: 62 Years, 62 Year Old Females
  • Sun Sign: Leo
  • Known As: Madonna Louise Ciccone
  • Born In: Bay City, Michigan, United States
  • Famous As: Singer-Songwriter
  • Height: 5’3″ (160 cm), 5’3″ Females
  • Spouse/Ex-: Carlos Leon,Carlos Leon Guy Ritchie, Guy RitchieSean Penn,
  • Father: Silvio Ciccone
  • Mother: Madonna Louise Ciccone
  • Siblings: Anthony Ciccone, Christopher Ciccone, Jennifer Ciccone, Mario Ciccone, Martin Ciccone, Melanie Ciccone, Paula Ciccone
  • Children: David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, Mercy James, Rocco Ritchie
  • Personality: ESTP
  • U.S. State: Michigan
  • Founder/Co-Founder: Maverick, Maverick Films, Maverick Records, Semtex Girls, Raising Malawi, Truth Or Dare By Madonna, Hard Candy Fitness
  • Education: 1978 – University Of Michigan, West Junior High, St. Andrew’s School, 1976 – Rochester Adams High School

Humanitarian Work: Artist Who Co-Founded The NGO ‘Raising Malawi’.

Madonna has sold more than 300 million musical productions, setting the world record for “the most successful and best-selling solo artist of all time”, included in the Guinness Book of Records. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),

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she is the best-selling solo artist of the 20th century, and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States (behind Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey) with 64 million certified albums. In the UK United, is the female solo artist with the highest sales of singles in history, with 17. million as of June 2012.

In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked Madonna at number two, behind The Beatles, on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, making her the most successful solo artist on that list, as well as being included in the Hall of Fame. the Fame of Rock and Roll in that same year.

In general, various biographers, writers, journalists and other media consider her to be the most influential and successful woman in the history of contemporary music. In addition, she is recognized for continually reinventing both her music and image, as well as being a source of inspiration for various artists and for her legacy to pop culture.

Early Life:

Madonna Louise Ciccone was born in Bay City, Michigan (United States) on August 16, 1958. Her mother, Madonna Louise Fortin, was of French-Canadian descent, and her father, Silvio Anthony Ciccone, is Italian-American.

The Ciccone family is originally from Pacentro, Italy; her father emigrated from Europe to get work in America as a design engineer at Chrysler and General Motors. Madonna was nicknamed “Little Nonni” to distinguish her from her mother.

She is the third of six children, her older siblings are Martin and Anthony and her younger siblings, Paula, Christopher and Melanie. Madonna was raised in the suburbs from Detroit, Pontiac and Avon (now part of Rochester Hills).

Her mother died of breast cancer at age 30 in 1963, when Madonna was five years old. Months before her death, Madonna noticed changes in her mother’s behavior and personality, although she did not understand why.

When trying to explain her little daughter’s medical condition, Mrs. Ciccone began to cry, to which Madonna responded with a hug. “I remember feeling stronger than her,” Madonna said, “I was so small and still felt as if she were the child.”

Later, Madonna acknowledged that she had not understood the idea that her mother was dying. “There was so much that was not said, so many repressed and unresolved emotions, the remorse, the guilt, the loss, the anger, the confusion.

I saw my mother, she looked so beautiful just lying down as if she were asleep in the open coffin. Then I realized that her mouth looked weird. It took me a while to realize it was stitched up. In that horrible moment I understood that I had lost her forever. The last image of my mother, at once peaceful and at the same time grotesque, still scares me today. ‘

Madonna eventually learned to take care of herself and her siblings, and she returned to her grandmother in hopes of finding some comfort and some kind of mother figure in her.

The Ciccone brothers kept the house in order and invariably rebelled against anyone who came to their home to take the place of their beloved mother. In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Madonna commented that in her youth she saw herself as a ‘lonely girl who was looking for something.

I was not a rebel in some way. I worried about being good at something. I didn’t shave my armpits and I didn’t wear makeup like the other girls. But I studied and got good grades … I wanted to be someone. ”26 Frightened by the idea that her father was leaving too, she often couldn’t sleep unless he was near her. Her father married him.

The family’s housekeeper, Joan Gustafson, and they had two children: Jennifer and Mario Ciccone. At this point, Madonna began to express feelings of anger toward her father, which lasted for decades, and developed a rebellious attitude. She attended to St. Frederick and St. Andrew Elementary Schools, and upon completion, West Middle School.

At school she was known for her high GPA and achieved notoriety for her unconventional behavior: she did cartwheels and pirouettes in the hallways between classes, hung from her knees on monkey bars during recess, and lifted her skirt during class. all so the boys could see her underwear.

Later, she attended Rochester Adams High School and was a model student, as well as being a member of the cheer team. After graduating, she received a dance scholarship at the University of Michigan.

She convinced her father to allow her to take ballet classes and was persuaded by her teacher, Christopher Flynn, to pursue a career in the world of dance. In 1978, Madonna dropped out of school and moved to New York City. She had Little money, so she got a job as a waitress at Dunkin ‘Donuts and with contemporary dance groups.

Madonna said of her move to New York: “It was the first time I traveled by plane and the first time I traveled by taxi. . I came here with 35 dollars in my pocket. It was the bravest thing I have ever done. ”She began working as a substitute dancer for other artists.

During one night while returning from rehearsal, she was dragged into an alley by a couple of men and forced to perform fellatio. Madonna commented that “the episode was a test of my weakness, it showed me that I still couldn’t save myself despite all the strong girl look. I can never forget it. ”

While performing as a dancer for French singer Patrick Hernandez on her 1979 world tour, Madonna became romantically involved with musician Dan Gilroy.

Together they formed their first rock band, Breakfast Club, where Madonna sang and played guitar and drums. In 1980 she left the Breakfast Club and, with her then boyfriend Stephen Bray as a drummer, they formed the band Emmy. Her music impressed DJ and producer Mark Kamins, who arranged a meeting between Madonna and Seymour Stein, founder of the Sire Records label.

Professional Life:

In 1982, Madonna signed a contract with Sire Records, a record label owned by Warner Bros. Records.41 Her first single, “Everybody,” was released in October of that year, and her second, “Burning Up,” was released in March. 1983. Both became a hit in the United States, peaking at number three on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart. After this success, he began work on his debut album Madonna, produced primarily by Reggie Lucas.

However, the performer was unhappy with the finished tracks and had several disagreements with Lucas’s production techniques, so she decided to seek additional help. Madonna sought help with her new boyfriend, John “Jellybean” Benitez, to finish production on the album.

Benitez mixed most of the tracks and produced the song “Holiday,” which was the third single and her first international hit. In general, Madonna’s sound is ‘dissonant’, the style of which resembles upbeat disco combined with the synthesizer, using some of the recent technologies of that time, such as the LinnDrum drum machine, the Moog bass and the Oberheim synthesizer. OB-X.

The album was released in July 1983 and reached number eight on the Billboard 200 chart six months later, in 1984. Two more singles, “Borderline” and “Lucky Star,” were also released.

Gradually, Madonna’s looks, dress, performances, and music videos began to influence women and girls. Her style became a women’s fashion of the 1980s, which was created by jewelry designer and stylist, Maripol.

This look, a mix of punk and new romantic aesthetics, consisted of lace tops, skirts over capri pants, fishnet stockings, jewelry (including a crucifix and bangles), and bleached hair.

Madonna achieved worldwide recognition after the release of her second studio album, Like a Virgin in November 1984. It topped the charts in several countries and became her first album to hit number one on the Billboard 200.

The song of the same name, “Like a Virgin, ”topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six consecutive weeks, and attracted the attention of family organizations, who complained that the song and its video promoted premarital sex and undermined family values, reason why which they tried to censor.

Madonna fueled the controversy when she performed the song at the first installment of the MTV Video Music Awards, where she appeared on stage atop a wedding cake g igante, in a wedding dress and veil, adorned with her signature “Boy Toy” belt buckle.

Surprising the technicians who were moving the cameras, Madonna improvised part of her choreography by lying on the ground and moving sensually. This performance is recognized as an iconic performance in MTV history.

In later years, Madonna commented that she was truly terrified of acting. She said, “I remember my manager Freddy yelling at me, ‘Oh my God! What were you doing? You were wearing a wedding dress. OMG! You were rolling on the ground! ‘

It was the bravest and most sexual thing I’d ever done on television. ” The next hit was“ Material Girl, ”promoted by the music video that was an imitation of Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of the song“ Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend »from the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

While filming this video, Madonna began dating actor Sean Penn, whom she married on her 27th birthday in 1985. Like a Virgin was certified diamond disc by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and has sold more of 21 million copies worldwide.

In 1998, the National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ranked it one of the 200 greatest albums of all time.

In June 1986, True Blue, Madonna’s third studio album, was released, inspired by and dedicated to Sean Penn. This led to three singles that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100: “Live to Tell”, “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Open Your Heart”; in addition to two singles that were placed within the first five positions of the same list:

“True Blue” and “La isla bonita.” The album topped the popularity charts of more than 28 countries in the world, an achievement unprecedented at the time and the best-selling studio album of his career, with worldwide sales of 25 million copies. Critics of Rolling Stone magazine were impressed with this production, writing that the album “sounds as though out of the heart. ”

That same year, Madonna also starred in the film Shanghai Surprise, which received several negative reviews, at the same time that she made her stage debut in a production of David Rabe, Goose and Tom-Tom, both co-starring with Penn. The following year,

Madonna’s second feature film, Who’s That Girl ?. Although the film was not well received, the singer contributed four songs to its soundtrack, highlighting “Who’s That Girl” and “Causing a Commotion.”

In 1992, Madonna landed a role in the movie A League of Their Own as Mae Mordabito, a baseball player. This production grossed more than $ 100 million and became the 10th highest grossing film of the year in the United States.

In addition, he recorded the film’s title track, “This Used to Be My Playground,” which became a number one hit on the Hot 100. That same year he founded his own entertainment company, Maverick, made up of a record company (Maverick Records), a film production company (Maverick Films), and various divisions associated with music, television, book and music publishing. merchandising.

The deal was a joint venture with Time Warner, who had already paid Madonna an advance of $ 60 million. The singer received 20% of the royalties from the sale and promotion of her music, one of the highest percentages in the industry, which at the time equaled Michael Jackson’s royalty rate, set a year earlier with Sony.

Madonna’s seventh studio album, Ray of Light (1998), reflected a change in her perception and image. She commented: “This album, more than any other, covers all areas of life. I had recently joined the Cabal and put the party aside, plus I just had a baby, so my joy was complete, and I found myself incredibly thoughtful, thinking back and intrigued by the mystical aspects of it. life “.

The album was critically acclaimed and described by Slant Magazine as” one of the great pop masterpieces of the 1990s. “Ray of Light was awarded four Grammy Awards and was featured as one of the Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

To the top of the charts in Australia, Canada, the UK and continental Europe, the album also debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

In 2003, following the release of “Die Another Day”, Madonna collaborated with fashion photographer Steven Klein to create an installation called “X-STaTIC Pro = CeSS.”

It included images from a W magazine photo shoot and seven video segments. The installation lasted from March to May at the Deitch Projects gallery in New York, although afterwards it went on a world tour in an edited form.

In April of that same year, Madonna released her ninth studio album, American Life, which is based in her observations of American society and received mixed reviews. The interpreter commented: “[American Life] was like a trip to the trunk of memories, turning to everything I have accomplished, everything I have ever valued and all the things that are important to me. ”

Larry Flick of The Advocate considered“ American Life to be among the most adventurous and lyrically intelligent albums. It’s like the B-side of Music and it turns out to be a half-effort to sound and be taken seriously. ” The song of the same name reached number 37 on the Hot 100.

The broadcast of the original music video of “American Life” was canceled because Madonna believed that the video, which included violence and images of war, would be considered unpatriotic given that the United States had just started the war with Iraq. With only four million copies sold in all the world, American Life became the least-selling album of his career at the time.

In 2007, Madonna released the song “Hey You” for the Live Earth concert series, performing in London. The song was available as a free download during its first week of release. Madonna announced her departure from Warner Bros. Records, signing a new ten-year, $ 120 million deal with Live Nation.

She also produced and wrote I Am Because We Are, a documentary about the problems faced by the Malawian population. The documentary was directed by Nathan Rissman, who previously worked as the singer’s gardener.

Soon after, Madonna directed her first film Filth and Wisdom. The film tells the story of three friends and their aspirations. Madonna commented that it was Ritchie who inspired her to develop the script for the film. “What matters is that all the work I do is very autobiographical, directly or indirectly, since who knows me better than myself?”

The Times said she had become “proud of herself,” while The The Daily Telegraph described the film as “an unpromising first effort Madonna would do well to stick with her job.”

In December 2007, the Rock Hall of Fame announced Madonna as one of five Induced 2008.191 At the induction ceremony on March 10, 2008, Madonna did not sing, but asked The Stooges to perform the songs “Burning Up” and “Ray of Light.” In her speech, she thanked Christopher Flynn, her 35-year-old dance teacher, for encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

In January 2010, Madonna performed “Like a Prayer” at the Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief concert. In April she released her third live album, Sticky & Sweet Tour; Although it was her first release under Live Nation, it was distributed internationally by Warner Music.

That same year she announced her plans to direct her second film, WE. Upon completion of filming, Madonna launched the Material Girl clothing line, which designed with her daughter Lourdes.

This clothing line was inspired by the fashion of the 1980s and was launched under the Macy’s brand; months later, the brand was expanded to include a set of cosmetics and other feminine products. Madonna also granted the rights to her music catalog to the American television show Glee, which were used for an episode in which only songs by Madonna were included.

Titled “The Power of Madonna,” the episode was approved by the singer herself, who told US Weekly that she found the episode “brilliant on every level,” and praised the choreography and the message of equality it conveyed.

In November 2010, Madonna also opened the first gym in the Hard Candy Fitness franchise, a partnership between Madonna, her manager Guy Oseary, and Mark Mastrov, the founder and CEO of 24 Hours Fitness. Madonna commented that “if any of you have seen my shows, you know I am sparing no expense, and the same goes for the gym. We spend what it takes to build a world-class gym. ”

In early 2014, the singer made several media appearances: she made a surprise appearance at the 56th Grammy Awards on January 26 and performed “Open Your Heart” alongside Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert, who performed the single “Same Love”, while 33 couples got married on stage, which was officiated by Queen Latifah.

Days later, he accompanied the singer Miley Cyrus on her MTV Unplugged, where Madonna sang her song “Don’t Tell Me “In a mash up of Cyrus’ song,” We Can’t Stop. ” In February, he expanded his business ventures and introduced MDNA Skin, a range of skin care products, in Tokyo, Japan. In May, after visiting his hometown of Detroit, he donated to three charities dedicated to eradicating poverty.

According to their publicist, they represented “the first phase of a long-term commitment to the city.” Madonna herself said that “it was obvious that I had to get involved and be part of the solution to help Detroit recover.”

Discography of Madonna:

Like a Virgin1984
True Blue1986
Like a Prayer1989
Bedtime Stories1994
Ray of Light1998
American Life2003
Confessions on a Dance Floor2005
Hard Candy2008
Rebel Heart2015
Madame X2019

Musical tours of Madonna:

The Virgin Tour1985
Who’s That Girl World Tour1987
Blond Ambition World Tour1990
The Girlie Show World Tour1993
Drowned World Tour2001
Re-Invention World Tour2004
Confessions Tour2006
Sticky & Sweet Tour2008
The MDNA Tour2012
Rebel Heart Tour2015
Madame X Tour2019

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