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Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Sarah Louise Palin ( 11 February 1964) is an American politician, writer, speaker, and political news commentator who was the youngest person and first woman to be elected Governor of Alaska.

He served as Governor from 2006 until his resignation in 2009. Palin, along with the first Alaskan candidate for a majority party national ticket, was elected by Republican Party presidential candidate John McCain in the August 2008 presidential election as his fellow candidate for the same year’s presidential election. Saathi was the first woman candidate for the vice-president from the Republican Party.

On 3 July 2009, Palin announced that she would not seek re-election as governor, adding that she would resign effective July 26, 2009, eighteen months before the completion of her term.

He cited examples of ethics complaints that were filed after John McCain’s election as fellow candidate was one of the reasons for his resignation, saying his ability to govern the state But this resulting investigation had a major impact.

Before the McCain-Palin ticket debacle in 2008, speculation began that he would run for president in 2012 from the Republican Party. Will stand for nomination of post. In February 2010 she said in her statement that she would keep the possibility of it open.

She was a member of the city council of Wasilla, Alaska from 1992 to 1996 and the mayor (mayor) of the city from 1996 to 2002 before being elected governor.

She headed the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2002 until his resignation in 2003 after an unsuccessful campaign by Alaska’s lieutenant governor.

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Her autobiography Going Rogue: An American Life was released in November 2009 and quickly became a best-selling book selling over two million copies.

In January 2010, Palin signed a multi-year contract. Started making political commentary for Fox News Channel. In March 2010 it was announced that she was going to host her own TV show called Sarah Palins Alaska. Palin is writing another book called America by Heart, which is expected to hit the market on 23 November 2010.

Early Life:

Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho, as a science teacher and track coach named Charles “Chuck” Heath, and the third of four children of a school secretary named Sarah “Sally” Heath (pre-surname – Sheeran).

Her family was of English, Irish and German descent and her family moved to Alaska when she was an infant. She played flute in the junior high band, then attended Wasilla High School. Where she was the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a member of the girls’ basketball and cross country running teams.

During her senior year she was the co-captain and point guard of the Alaska State Championship winning basketball team where He received the nickname “Sara Barracuda” for his competitive streak.

In 1984, she won the Miss Wasila Beauty Contest. She finished third in the Miss Alaska Beauty Contest where she played the flute in the talent portion of the competition and received the Miss Congeniality Award and a college scholarship.

He attended Hawaii Pacific University in the autumn of 1982 and North Idaho College in the spring and autumn of 1983. (In June 2008, the Alumni Association of North Idaho College awarded him his Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award).

She attended the University of Idaho in the autumn of 1984 and the spring of 1985, and in the autumn of 1985, Matanuska-Susitna College. She returned to the University of Idaho in the spring of 1986 and graduated from 1987 with a Gurucharan in Journalism in Communications.

After graduating, he worked as a sports-news broadcaster for KTUU-TV and KTVA-TV in Anchorage and Matt-Su Valley Frontiersman worked as a sports reporter for and completed his initial ambitions.

On August 29, 1988, she eloped with her favorite Todd Palin, who had been her boyfriend since high school, to protect her parents from the expense of a “big white wedding”. After marriage she helped her husband in the commercial fishing business.

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: Sarah Louise Palin
  • Nick Name: Sarita, Alaskan Evita, Caribou Barbie, Sarah Barracuda, Bayonetta
  • Date of Birth: February 11, 1964
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Sarah Palin Political Leaders
  • Age: 56 Years, 56 Year Old Females
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius
  • Known As: Sarah Louise Palin
  • Born In: Sandpoint
  • Famous As: Former Governor Of Alaska
  • Height: 5’5″ (165 cm), 5’5″ Females
  • Political Ideology: Political Party – Republican
  • Spouse/Ex-: Todd Palin
  • Father: Charles R. Heath
  • Mother: Sarah Heath
  • Siblings: Chuck Heath, Heather Bruce, Molly Heath McCann
  • Children: Bristol Palin, Piper Palin, Track Palin, Trig Palin, Willow Palin
  • Personality: ESFJ
  • U.S. State: Idaho
  • Ideology: Republicans
  • Founder/Co-Founder: Sarah PAC
  • Signature:

Profession Life:

Palin remained a Republican who first registered as a Republican in 1982 until her full term in the city council and the remainder of her political career.

Palin was elected to the Wasilla City Council in 1992, winning 530 votes, compared to 310 votes for her opponent. She stood again in 1995 and 185 of her opponent. Won 413 votes against the votes won.

Inspired by Vasil’s not spending wisely on revenue from the new sales tax, Palin ran for election to the post of mayor of Vasil in 1996 and compared to 440 votes that incumbent Mayor John Stein received In 651 votes he defeated them.

His biographer has described his campaign as a campaign targeting wasteful spending and high taxes; his adversary Stein states that Palin made abortion, firearm rights and tenure limits his campaign issue.

This election was an independent election, but the state’s Republican Party took an unprecedented step in advertising for Palin. Palin once again contested against Stein in 1999 and won by winning 909 votes compared to 292 votes won by her opponent.

In 2002, he completed the second of his consecutive three-year terms to serve with the permission of the City Charter. He was elected president of the Alaska Mayor’s Conference in 1999.

During the first year of assuming office, Palin placed a jar with the name of Wasilla residents on her desk. Once a week she would pick up the phone with one of these names and ask: “How is the city doing?” Using the proceeds from the 2% sales tax approved by Wasilla voters in October 1992 Palin cut property tax by 75% and abolished personal property and commercial inventory taxes.

By using municipal bonds, he improved roads and drains and increased the funding of the police department. He also arranged funding for new bike paths and storm-water systems to conserve freshwater resources. At the same time the city reduced spending on urban museums and a new library. And ceased construction of City Hall.

Soon after assuming office in October 1996, Palin abolished the position of Museum Director and the Urban Department Heads who trusted Stein , including Chief of Police, Director of Public Works, Finance Director, and Librarian.

Demanded a renewed statement and resignation letter from “. Palin stated that he made this request to find out his intentions and his sense of support for himself.

She made it temporarily necessary for department heads to speak to reporters before they could speak to him. Get approval and said that he first needed to get acquainted with his (Palin) administration’s policies.

She created the position of city administrator and cut his own $ 68,000 salary by 10%. However, by mid-1998 the city council reversed it.

In 2006, operating a clean-government platform, Palin defeated incumbent Governor Frank Murkowski in the Republican governor’s election. His fellow candidate was State Senator Sean Parnell.

Palin emerged victorious despite being out of town in the November election. In this election he defeated former Democratic Governor Tony Novels by a margin of 48.3% to 40.9%. She became the first female governor of Alaska at the age of 42.

She was the youngest governor in Alaska’s history. She was the first governor of the state who was born after Alaska was granted US governorship, and was also the first governor of the state not to be crowned at Junou (he chose to hold the ceremony in Fairbanks instead).

She took office on December 4, 2006, and for the majority of her term she remained very popular among Alaska voters. He received 93% and 89% of the total electorate in the 2007 election which proved his popularity and as a result, some media centers started calling him “America’s Most Popular Governor”. 68% of the vote in an election held in the last round of September 2008 after being nominated for the National Republican ticket proved Palin’s popularity in Alaska. An election in May 2009 proved Palin’s popularity among the people of Alaska, with 54% positive and 41.6% negative.

Palin lived in Junou during the assembly session and for the rest of the year she lived in Wasilla and worked in offices in Anchorage. Since the Anchorage-based office is away from Junou, she still worked there, state officials said she was allowed to claim $ 58 as a daily travel allowance, which she assumed (a total of $ 16,951) and hotel reimbursement. Was also allowed to claim for but did not do so and instead opted to drive about 50 miles to reach his home in Wasilla.

She also opted not to use the former chef’s personal cook. Republicans and Democrats have condemned Palin for assuming $ 43,490 for daily allowances and travel expenses when she takes her family along during state work.

In response, the governor’s staff Stated that these practices or practices were at the heart of state policy, adding that Palin’s governorship cost 80% less than her predecessor, Frank Murkowski, adding that “Palin receives hundreds of thousands of invitations, including a request to bring her family along, in favor of which the party extends the invitation and also defines the definition of ‘state work’.”

In February 2009, contrary to the policy of treating payments as legitimate business expenses under the Internal Revenue Code (Internal Revenue Code), the State of Alaska decided that state employees should be paid to live in their homes Daily allowances to be treated will be treated as taxable income and tax on their W-2 form Shall be included in the gross income of employees. Palin himself ordered a review of the tax policy.

In 2005, before Palin was elected governor, Congress allowed a special purpose grant of $ 442 million to build two of Alaska’s bridges as part of an omnibus spending bill.

When news surfaced that the Gravina Island Bridge cost $ 233 million in federal funds or funds, the bridge turned its eye around the world as a symbol of pork-barrel spending. Since Gravina Island, considered the center of the Ketchikan airport, has a population of 50, the bridge became known as the “Bridge to Nowhere” (meaning meaningless bridge) throughout the country.

After opposition from the public and some members of the US Senate, the Congress abolished the purpose of building this bridge from the spending bill but handed over the allocated funds to Alaska as part of its General Transportation Fund.

In 2007, Palin undertook aerial hunting of wolves as part of a hunter-control program intended to increase populations of moose (American black deer) and caribou (arctic deer) for their subsistence and other hunters. Endorsed a policy created by the Alaska Department of Fisheries and Sports to grant permission for the year 2003.

In March 2007, Palin’s office announced that in five areas of Alaska, fuel costs To compensate, 180 volunteer pilots and gunmen will be paid $ 150 as reward for each wolf hunt. Six hundred and seven wolves were killed in the first four years. State biologists wanted 382 to 664 wolves eliminated by the end of the hunter-control season in April 2007.

Wildlife activists prosecuted the state and a state judge declared the reward illegal on the grounds that the reward would be provided by the Board of Game (Game Circle), not the Department of Fish and Game (Department of Fisheries and Game).

A Gallup poll before the Republican National Convention showed that the majority of voters were unfamiliar with Sarah Palin. During their campaign to become Vice President, 39% said Palin was ready to serve as President as needed, 33% said Palin was not ready for it, and 29% had no opinion.

It was “the lowest vote (vote) a fellow candidate has received in secret ballot since the then Indiana Senator Dan Quayle was selected by Veteran George Bush in his ticket in 1988.” Convention ( After the conference), particularly his religious outlook on public life, his conservative views on social terms and lack of sufficient experience, his image came into the media’s attention.

Palin’s experience in foreign and domestic politics became a subject of criticism among her post-nomination conservatives as well as liberals. At the same time, Palin was more popular among the Republicans than John McCain Became popular.

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