Scoob! (2020) Movie Released Date and Cast

Scoob! Movie Cast and Date
Scoob Movie Cast and Date

The film is to be released by Warner Bros. Picture on May 15, 2020. Previously, the film was scheduled for release on September 21, 2018, but was pushed back to an earlier date. Scoob Movie Cast and Date

Scoob! Is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film featuring Scooby-Doo franchise characters. Animated by Reel FX for Warner Animation Group, the film is directed by Tony Sarvan, the screenplay by Kelly Freeman Craig and the story by Matt Lieberman.

It features the voices of Frank Welker (who is the only member of the original cast to reprise his role as the title character), Zac Efron, Gina Rodriguez, Will Forte, and Amanda Seyfried with the Scooby Gang, Tracy Morgan, Ken Jeong, Kyresi Clemons, Mark Wahlberg and Jason Issac as the other classic animated characters. This is a reboot of the Scooby-Doo film series, and is intended to be the first film proposed for a Hannah-Barbara Cinematic Universe.

Plans for a new Scooby-Doo film began in June 2014, when Warner Bros. announced they would reunite the Scooby-Doo film series with Randall Green. Serpone and Dax Shepard were initially hired to direct the film, which was written by Shepard and Matt Lieberman. As of October 2018, Shepard was no longer part of the project and was replaced by Kelly Framan Craig as screenwriter. Most of the cast were hired in March 2019 and production commenced in the same month. Scoob! Theatrical release in the United States by Warner Bros. Picture on May 15, 2020.

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Official Trailer Released on YouTube

Movie Released date15.07.2020
Directed byTony Cervone
Allison Abbate 
Jon Burton 
Pam Coats 
Chris Columbus 
Tony Cosanella 
Jesse Ehrman 
Andy Horwitz 
Dan Povenmire 
Charles Roven 
Richard Suckle 
Adam Sztykiel 
Real NameCharacter Voice
Will ForteasShaggy Rogers (voice)
Mark WahlbergasBlue Falcon (voice)
Jason IsaacsasDick Dastardly (voice)
Gina RodriguezasVelma Dinkley (voice)
Zac EfronasFred Jones (voice)
Amanda SeyfriedasDaphne Blake (voice)
Kiersey ClemonsasDee Dee Skyes (voice)
Ken JeongasDynomutt (voice)
Tracy MorganasCaptain Caveman (voice)
Frank WelkerasScooby-Doo / Pterodactyl (voice)
Iain ArmitageasYoung Shaggy (voice)
Mckenna GraceasYoung Daphne (voice)
Pierce GagnonasYoung Fred (voice)
Ariana GreenblattasYoung Velma (voice)
Simon CowellasSimon Cowell (voice)
Christina HendricksasOfficer Jaffe (voice)
Henry WinklerasKeith (voice)
Harry PerryasHarry Perry (voice)
John DiMaggioasRestaurant Owner (voice)
Kevin HeffernanasBike Cop Gary (voice)
Ira GlassasIra Glass (voice)
Henry KaufmanasChad / Chet (voice)
Maya ErskineasJudy Takamoto (voice)
Billy WestasMuttley (voice)
Don MessickasMuttley (archive sound)
Fred TatascioreasCerberus (voice)
Justina MachadoasJamie Rivera (voice)
Kennedy PeilasIndira Knight (voice)
John McDanielasHal Murphy (voice)
Ryan FolseyasBeach Guy (voice)
Pam CoatsasMrs. Rogers (voice)
Tony CervoneasGhost / Mr. Rigby / Alice (voice)
Adam SztykielasOfficer Casey (voice)
Alex KauffmanasOfficer North (voice)
Vanara TaingasBaby Rotten (voice)
Maven MorganasKari (voice)
Eric CowellasBen (voice)
Michael KurinskyasSamuel Colton (voice)
Giulia LupettiasMaverick Co-worker
Brandon RushasFlight Deck Officer
John WilcoxasAdmiral
Penelope KapudijaasNaval Officer’s Daughter
Randy DavisonasNaval Aviator
Catherine Shrader TaylorasCivilian Wife
Darnell KirkwoodasComms Crew Tech #1
Gerren HallasCivilian
Jillian StuartasCeremony Attendee
Douglas RouillardasStumbler
Mobin KhanasMission Scientist
Molly MalinasCustomer
Adam PepperasNaval Officer
John LuderasSenior tech
Orion JamesasCivilian
Joseph AroasNaval Aviator
Doug LitoasNaval Aviator
Sergio BrionesasNavy Aviator
Andre FrancoasNaval Officer
James QuachasSalesman
Alexandra KirrasNurse
Madison A. TaylorasCivilian Wife
Leland CampbellasNavy Pilot
Ian GaryasJack
Ernesto ChaverriasFighter Pilot
Ari HuberasIsland Bar Patron
Mark Anthony CoxasAdmiral
Kevin PitcairnasFuneral Attendee
Jennifer MessinaasCivilian
Alec WilliamsasCain’s Aide
Chaz IngramasMission Controller #3
Travis Fitzgeraldas
Carl CollanusasFighter Pilot
Jack EmmelasHard Deck bartender
Janett SalasasMilitary
Tristan HenryasAir Traffic Controller
John-Jonne SmithasTechie
John VisserasMilitary Police
Nicole GilbertasCivilian Wife (uncredited)
Amy S. JohnsonasFuneral Attendee (uncredited)
Ryan KanferasNavy Pilot (uncredited)
Tom ParksasDignitary (uncredited)
Giancarlo Sta CruzasCivilian (uncredited)
Charlotte XiaasNaval Officer (uncredited)
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