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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born: 3 July 1962), better known by his film name Tom Cruise, is an American actor and filmmaker. In 2006, Forbes magazine rated her the world’s most influential popular personality.

Tom was nominated for three Academy Awards and has won three Golden Globe Awards. His first major role was in the 1983 film Risky Business, which has been described as “a young generation classic and a career-maker for an actor”.

The 1986 popular and financially successful film After playing the role of a brave naval pilot in Top Gun, Cruise continued the genre, playing a secret agent in the Mission Impossible Action film series, made in the 1990s and 2000s.

In addition to these heroic characters, she played several other roles, such as a male-aggressive male guru in Magnolia (1999) and a quiet and selfish psychopathic murderer in Macaul Mann’s crime thriller film Collateral (2000).

In 2005, Hollywood journalist Edward J. Epstein argued that Cruise was one of the few producers (among others – George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry Bruckheimer) who could guarantee the success of the billion-dollar film franchise.

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Cruise and Paula Wagoner have been in charge of the United Artist Film Studio since 2005, with Cruise as producer and actor and Wagoner as chief executive. Cruise is also known for his controversial support and adherence to the Church of Scientology.

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birthday: July 3, 1962
  • Nationality: American
  • Girlfriend: Nazanin Boniadi (Ex), Penélope Cruz (Ex)
  • Famous: Quotes By Tom Cruise Left Handed
  • Age: 58 Years, 58 Year Old Males
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Also Known As: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
  • Born Country: United States
  • Born In: Syracuse
  • Famous As: Actor
  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm), 5’7” Males
  • Spouse/Ex-: Katie Holmes, Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, Katie Holmes (M. 2006; Div. 2012), Mimi Rogers (M. 1987; Div. 1990), Nicole Kidman (M. 1990; Div. 2001)
  • Father: Thomas Mapother III
  • Mother: Mary Lee Pfeiffer
  • Siblings: Cass Mapother, Lee Ann Mapother, Marian Mapother
  • Children: Connor Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise, Suri Cruise
  • Diseases & Disabilities: Dyslexia
  • U.S. State: New Yorkers
  • Founder/Co-Founder: New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, Cruise/Wagner Productions

Early Life, Education , Family:

Cruise, son of special education teacher Mary Lee (born Feiffer) and electrical engineer Thomas Cruz Mapodar III, was born in Syracuse, New York. Although Cruise’s ancestral surname (Mapodar) is Welsh, this was revealed His paternal great-grandfather, Thomas O’Mara, is of Irish descent, and adopting the surname of his stepfather,

he became the first Thomas Cruise Mapodar. He gained German and English ancestry and German ancestry through his great-great-grandmother William Reibert and Charlotte Louise Voelker. Tom Cruise’s eldest sister, Lee Anne, was born in Lewisville. Like his older sister Marion, Tom and his younger sister Kas were also born in Syracuse.

Cruise attended grades three, four and five at Robert Hopkins Public School. The Mapodar family had to relocate to the Beacon Hill suburb of Ontario, Ottawa, for Cruise’s father to serve as a defense advisor in the Canadian Armed Forces.

There, Cruz completed grade six at Henry Munro Middle School, affiliated with the Carlton Board of Education, where he was active in sports and played floor hockey almost every night, proving himself to be a great player. Because of that his front teeth were broken.

In the game “British Bull Dog”, he lost his newly covered tooth and suffered a knee injury. Cruise also featured plays under George Stenberg under Henry Munro. The first drama he participated in. Her name was IT, in which Cruise was chosen to co-star with Michael de Waal, with one playing the “rogue” and the other playing the “good”.

The play was well received and starred by five other classmates Also visited various schools around Ottawa, even the local Ottawa T.V. The station was also filmed. Both were cast for a version of Jesus Christ Superstar as well as a Marcel Marcué role. It was also at the same time that Mary Lee Mapodar promoted her son’s acting ambitions: when the religious tone of the former described concern for school principal Jim Brown, Cruise’s mother persuaded him that the play should proceed And he founded a drama troupe Gloucester Players, starring some students in Cruise and Steinberg’s class.

When Cruise was twelve years old, her mother left her husband and took Cruise and her sister Lee Anne with them. After a long time of near-poverty, where Tom’s newspaper-distributing proceeds helped put food on the table, his mother married a plastic vendor named Jack South.

In addition to Ottawa, cities that Cruise stayed at including Louisville, Kentucky; Winnetka, Illinois, and Vans, New Jersey. Altogether, Cruise attended eight elementary schools and three high schools.

He briefly studied at the Franciscan Gurukul in Cincinnati (on a church scholarship) and had the desire to become a Catholic priest. In his senior year, he played football for the varsity team as a linebacker but was later eliminated from the squad after being caught drinking beer before a game. In 1980, Cruise graduated from Glenn Ridge High School in New Jersey. Assumed the title

Cruz has stated that he faced exploitation as a child. This was partly due to his suffering from reading disability. He said that when something went wrong, his father punished him harshly.

He told Parade magazine that his father was “a bully” and a “trader of misconduct”. Cruz said that he had already learned that his father – and, more broadly, some people – could not be trusted: “By being near my father, I found that not everyone considered me good.” Having gone through fifteen schools in twelve years, Cruz, who removed his father’s name at the age of twelve, was a school bully.

Cruise began acting after being dropped from the high school wrestling team due to a knee injury. In an injured state, he successfully auditioned for a lead role in his high school production Guys and Dolls, and after his success in the role, he decided to become an actor. His cousin William Mapodar is also an actor, best known for playing Ethan Rome in Lost.

Paramount Pictures

On August 22, 2006, Paramount Pictures announced that it was ending its 14-year relationship with Cruise. In the Wall Street Journal, Viacom (Paramount’s parent company) Chairman Sumner Redstone discussed the economic damage caused to Cruise’s value as an actor and producer due to his controversial public conduct and opinions. Cruise / Wagner Productions responded that Paramount’s announcement, after successfully receiving alternative financial support from private equity firms, was an attempt to save its construction company’s shame.

Industry analysts such as Edward J. Epstein commented that the division The real reason may have been Paramount’s dissatisfaction with Cruise / Wagner holding the bulk of Mission Impossible’s DVD sales.

United Artists Management

In November 2006, Cruise and Paula Wagner announced that they had taken over the management of United Artists Film Studio. Cruise served as producer and actor in United Artists’ films, while Wagner served as UA’s chief executive. Works with Production of Valkyrie began in 2007, a thriller based on the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler.

The film was acquired by United Artists in March 2007. On March 21, 2007, Cruise signed on to play the protagonist Klaus von Stauffenberg. This is their second production after Cruise and Wagner took over the management of United Artists. The first film directed by Robert Redford was Lions for Lambs, starring Radford, Meryl Streep and Cruise.

Lambs was released for screening on November 9, 2007, but received ineffective box-office revenue and critical approval. In August 2008, Wagner stepped down from United Artists; But he retained his share of UA, which together with Cruz’s share, makes up 30 percent of the studio.

Popularity in Public

In 1990, 1991 and 1997, People magazine counted him among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. In 1995, Empire magazine counted him among the 100 most attractive actors in film history. Two years later, he counted him among the top 5 all-time film stars.

He was listed in the top 20 in the annual Power 100 list by the premiere in 2002 and 2003 The premiere in 2006 ranked Cruise as Hollywood’s most influential actor, as Cruise ranked 13th as the highest-level actor on the magazine’s 2006 list of influencers.

On 16 June 2006, Forbes magazine published ‘The Celebrity 100’, a list of the most influential celebrities, with Cruise topping it. This list combines revenue (between June 2005 and June 2006), Google’s web-references, press-clips compiled by LexisNexis, television and radio mentions (by Factiva), and the number of appearances of popular celebrities on the homepage of 26 major consumer magazines Made from “USA Today / Gallup poll”, in addition to “unacceptable behavior” by Paramount for non-renewal of its production with Cruise as of August 2006,

where half of the people surveyed had “unfavorable” opinions about the actor. Recorded “as a reason cited. Additionally, the marketing evaluation report says that Cruise’s Q score (a measure of celebrities’ popularity) fell 40 percent. It was also expressed that Cruise is the popular figure whom people would like to keep very little as their best friend. In Japan, October 10, 2006 was declared as “Tom Cruise Day”;

The Japan Memorial Day Association stated that he has been honored with a special day because he is the only person traveling to Japan more than any other Hollywood star.

Homosexual rumors

The Daily Express Newspaper: During their marital life with actress Nicole Kidman, the pair faced public speculation about a sexual relationship between them and a rumor that Cruise was gay. In 1998, he sued a British newspaper, which sued him. Allegations that this marriage is a farce to conceal their homosexuality.

David Ehrenstein: In 1998, Tom Cruise’s lawyers threatened Ehrenstein for his book titled Open Secret: Gay Hollywood 1928–1998 (New York: William Morrow & Company, 1998, ISBN 0-688-15317-8) Cruise’s attraction to both men and women was considered.

Chad Slater: In May 2001, he filed a lawsuit against gay porn actor Chad Slater (Kyle Bradford). Slater reportedly told celebrity magazine Actustar that he was in love with Cruise. Both Slater and Cruise denied the affair, and in August 2001, after Slater was unable to defend himself against the lawsuit and therefore announced an omission, Cruise was ordered to pay damages of US $ 10 million.

Michael Davis: Cruz also sued Bold magazine publisher Michael Davis, who stated, but did not confirm, that he had a video proving Cruise to be gay. The suit was withdrawn in exchange for Davis’s public statement that the video was not of Cruise and that Cruise was heterosexual.

Filmy Career:

Movie TitleYear
Endless Love1981
The Outsiders1983
Losin’ It1983
Risky Business1983
All the Right Moves1983
Top Gun1986
The Color of Money1986
Rain Man1988
Born on the Fourth of July1989
Days of Thunder1990
Far and Away1992
A Few Good Men1992
The Firm1993
Interview with the Vampire1994
Mission: Impossible1996
Jerry Maguire1996
Without Limits1998
Eyes Wide Shut1999
Mission: Impossible 22000
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures2001
The Others2001
Vanilla Sky2001
Space Station 3D2002
Minority Report2002
Austin Powers in Goldmember2002
Shattered Glass2003
The Last Samurai2003
War of the Worlds2005
Ask the Dust2006
Mission: Impossible III2006
Lions for Lambs2007
Tropic Thunder2008
Knight and Day2010
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol2011
Rock of Ages2012
Jack Reacher2012
Edge of Tomorrow2014
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation2015
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back2016
The Mummy2017
American Made2017
Mission: Impossible – Fallout2018
Top Gun: Maverick2020 Films that have not yet been released
Mission: Impossible 72021 Films that have not yet been released
Mission: Impossible 82022 Films that have not yet been released

Television Shows:

TV ShowYear
Fallen Angels1993
Top Gear2010

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