Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2020) Movie Released Date, Cast

Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2020)
Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2020)

Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2020) A couple, Halley Smith (Yvonne Gaudry) and Rich Stoker (Joel Harris), go rock climbing in a remote forest in West Virginia. As Rich prepares to help Halley, who has trouble climbing the wall, he is murdered. Someone starts pulling Halley up to pull her up so she cuts her rope and falls. Halley tries to escape to her car but she stumbles on barbed wire and she is drawn towards the forest where she is killed.

Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington), a medical student, has to go to an interview and for that he has to go through the mountains of West Virginia. Due to chemicals spilled on the road, he is forced to take another route if he wants to arrive on time.

Chris stops at an old man’s (Wayne Robson) gas station. The old man is not very helpful but Chris notices a detailed map where another route is indicated, this one directly joins the place where he needs to go. He then decides to take this road, but on the way he enters a Range Rover, which was parked in the middle of the road.

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The car belongs to a group of friends who have come for hiking: Jessie Birlingame (Eliza Dushku), Carly (Emmanuelle Chriqui), her fiancé Scott (Jeremy Sisto) and another couple, Evan and Francine (Kevin Zegers and Lindy Booth ). Their tires were punctured by a barbed wire coming from the woods.

Jessie, Carly and Scott leave for help, accompanied by Chris. Evan and Francine stay to keep the cars, but when Evan starts to repair their car, he hears a strange noise.

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He goes into the forest to find out where the noise comes from. After a moment, Francine notices that Evan has disappeared, she leaves to look for him inside the forest. But it falls on one of Evan’s shoes, and on his ear. Horrified, she stumbles and is killed by a silhouette with a strip of barbed wire.

While they are still looking for help, Chris, Jessie, Carly and Scott end up arriving at an isolated cabin. They decide to go back to find a phone but they come across many objects present by the dozen and in a fridge, Chris discovers parts of human bodies. Wrong Turn: The Foundation (2020)

Terrified by this, they try to escape, but the occupants of the cabin are back, unable to go out anymore, they are forced to hide. Three cannibals, who are extremely disfigured, enter their hut with Francine’s corpse. Chris, Jessie, Carly and Scott watch in silence and in horror what is happening before their eyes: Francine’s body is brutally cut up and then devoured.

Production of Wrong Turn: The Foundation

In October 2018, a reboot of the Wrong Turn film series was announced. The film will be directed by Mike P. Nelson and written by series creator Alan B. McElroy. Charlotte Vega will star in the film.

Movie Released dateUnknown
Directed byMike P. Nelson
James Harrisproducer
Robert Kulzerproducer
Fiona Yang Liexecutive producer
Martin Moszkowiczexecutive producer
Christian Oliverexecutive producer
Dylan Tarasonco-producer
Jon D. Wagnerline producer

Full Movie Cast:

Real NameMovie Name
Charlotte VegaasJes Shaw
Matthew ModineasScott
Emma DumontasMilla D’Angelo
Daisy HeadasEdith
Bill SageasJohn Venable
Adain BradleyasDarius Clemons
Valerie Jane ParkerasCorrine
Tim DeZarnasNate Roades
Dylan McTeeasAdam Lucas
Damian MaffeiasMorgan
Chaney MorrowasHobbs
David HutchisonasCullen
Daniel R. HillasReggie
Chris HahnasSamuel
Cory Scott AllenasEd Jenkins
Gary Ray StearnsasLloyd Pettigrew
Daphne MatthewsasBar Patron (credit only)
Brady GentryasJackson
Adrian FavelaasLuis Ortiz
Jeremy AmblerasCave Person
Amy WarnerasAileen
Tonya EdenasBar patron (credit only)
Vardaan AroraasGary Amaan
Rhyan Elizabeth HanavanasRuthie
Bret Aaron KnowerasStandard Double
Grant BrooksasMiles
John E. BrownleeasFoundation Citizen
Jennie MaloneasCave Person
Karen OlchovyasSamuel’s Wife
Brian SearleasTed Nothum
Brian James FitzpatrickasOsborne Early
Mark MenchasStandard / Wolf Skull
Joshua Stephen CampbellasCave Person
Mark AngelasCave Guard
Jerry MullinsasBar patron , foundation member (uncredited)
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