3 Eye Products you need to get your hands on in the UAE

They say that eyes reveal everything and are a window to one’s soul. One stare and you find out everything. In that case, our eyes always need to be prepared in case some potential eye-looker is gazing through them. Eye products are an amazing way to spice up and enhance your natural eye colour, making them pop. They help enhance your natural beauty making you appear more bright and vibrant. Moreover, they also highlight and define your eyes adding a depth which will truly make them a sight to behold. Eyeshadow, specifically, can shape and add colour to your eyes for a more dramatic look. By allowing you to mix and blend different shades, it helps create eye-catching looks that make you look unique. Eyeliner, similarly, makes your eyes look bigger which is a mark of beauty across most cultures. The bold, vivid line widens and sharpens the eyelids, accentuating them and making them look bolder. 

Whatever product it is, it helps draw attention to the eyes and make them pop by making them look more attractive. This blog will talk about different eye products and how they help accentuate your eyes. 

  1. Big by Definition Mascara

This eye product is definitely a must-have in your makeup collection for all the right reasons. Its instantly volumizing feature separates the lashes for instant definition and it does this by the different-sized bristles in its brush. This makes it the ideal mascara for small-sized lashes. Moreover, it’s not just a lash-separating mascara, but it also adds 3x more volume to the lashes with its buildable formula which creates high-impact eyes. This intensifies the eyes with each stroke and gives no clumps. Its lightweight texture touches each lash from root to tip to fully define and condition lash after lash. You can get this through Sephora Coupon Code.

  1. Cosmos Eye Shadow Palette

This is a galaxy-inspired eye shadow palette for instant glamorous looks full of shimmer. It comes with 12 eye shadows from neutral to bold tones that have intensely metallic reflections. This palette features highly pigmented, easy-to-blend shades that have buildable intensity and offer a diverse colour range for creating dramatic eye looks. The shades it comes with are supercluster, sun, mercury, quasar, galaxy, space dust, comet, eclipse, supernova, mars and dark matter. They are heavily inspired by the sparkly, star-filled galaxies which makes them great for displaying too. Moreover, it’s formulated without phthalates, sulphates and parabens which deems it reliable to use. 

  1. Waterproof 12H Retractable Eyeliner

This product is a must-have in your makeup collection for several reasons. It’s a retractable eyeliner with a super-creamy waterproof formula which has high intensity. It finishes in either matte, shimmer or glitter and is 100% creamy which makes it able to achieve any look. It blends seamlessly into your eyes and adds a pop to them. Moreover, it offers a range of different styles; from a neat and clean line to a smoky, edgy look. It also contains a pencil sharpener which will allow you to create lines precisely and neatly and it also has a smudge tip to blend the formula.