No Time to Die (2020) Movie Released Date and Cast

No Time to Die (2020) Movie Released Date and Cast
No Time to Die (2020) Movie Released Date and Cast

No Time to Die (English: No Time to Die) is an upcoming detective film and the 25th installment in the James Bond series will be produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Eon Productions for Universal Pictures. The film features Daniel Craig in his 5th performance as MI6 agent James Bond. It is directed by Carrie Joji Fukunaga, who wrote the screenplay with Scott Z. No Time to Die (2020) Movie Released Date and Cast

Burns and Phoeb Waller-Bridge, based on the early drafts of Neil Purvis and Robert Wade. Ralph Fiennes, Nomi Harris, Ben Whiswa, Geoffrey Wright, and Lee Sedoux reprise their roles from previous films, while actors Rami Malek, Ana Armas, Lashana Lynch, David Densick, Dali Bensalah and Billy Magnesen starred . Lead artist. This would be the first film in the franchise to be distributed internationally by Universal Pictures, following Spector’s expiry of the series’ Columbia Pictures contract.

Official Trailer Released on YouTube

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Movie Released date25.11.2020
Directed byCary Joji Fukunaga 
Per Henry Borch 
Chris Brigham 
Barbara Broccoli 
Daniel Craig 
Andrew Noakes 
David Pope 
Enzo Sisti 
Natalie Thompson 
Gregg Wilson 
Michael G. Wilson 

Full Movie Cast:

Ana de ArmasasPaloma
Daniel CraigasJames Bond
Ralph FiennesasM
Christoph WaltzasErnst Stavro Blofeld
Jeffrey WrightasFelix Leiter
Léa SeydouxasMadeleine Swann
Naomie HarrisasEve Moneypenny
Rami MalekasSafin
Billy MagnussenasLogan Ash
Rory KinnearasTanner
Ben WhishawasQ
Eliot SumnerasBodyguard
Gordon AlexanderasLab Technician
Lashana LynchasNomi
David DencikasValdo Obruchev
Priyanga BurfordasDr. Symes
Lourdes FaberesasSpectre Agent
Ahmed BakareasSpectre VIP Guest
Amor EvansasCuban Waitress
Obie MatthewasSpectre Guest
Rae LimasSpectre Agent
Tuncay GunesasSpectre Agent
Joakim SkarliasCyclist
Brigitte MillarasVogel
Rod HuntasSpectre Bodyguard
Dali BenssalahasPrimo
Paul O’KellyasSafins Henchmen
Ty HurleyasOffice Male
David Olawale AyindeasSPECTRE Party Guest
Douglas BunnasSpectre Member
Joe GrossiasHotel Porter
Toby SauerbackasGuard
Julian FerroasMI6 Security Guard
Steve BarnettasSpectre Agent (SA09)
Andy CheungasSpectre Agent
Lampros KalfuntzosasCyclist
Mariia LegunasLaboratory Team
Adnan RashedasSpectre Agent
Callan TavernerasSpectre Guest
Iulia FilipovscaiaasRussian Worker
Michael HerneasSpectre Guest
Andrew ReedasMotorbike Rider
Michael MercerasCuban Cocktail Waiter
Rodrig AndrisanasSpectre Member (uncredited)
Yasmin BirdasSpectre Guest (uncredited)
Ali El KhodaryasBodyguard (uncredited)
Ernest GromovasBunker Guard (uncredited)
Andrew G. OglebyasMI6 Worker (uncredited)
Tim WildmanasLaboratory Technician (uncredited)

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